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Doctors For Nutrition are working to address the issue of 'nutrition education deficiency' that is holding back healthcare.

Despite wanting to receive nutrition education to develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to counsel patients, many healthcare professionals are not adequately supported to provide effective nutrition care to patients.

Some healthcare professionals reflexively advise patients against plant-based diets. Others may tell patients that ‘diet makes no difference’, which can result in avoidable use of medication and procedures with inevitable side effects, and can even be dangerous as medication needs can change dramatically when dietary changes are made.

Even clinicians who are aware of the benefits of plant-based nutrition are not equipped with the tools to help their patients implement this way of eating an optimal way.

From webinars to mini-courses and in-person events, we aim to provide our audience with knowledge, tools, skills and connections to utilise whole food plant-based nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease. Explore our education program below, designed specifically for clinicians and students, or check out our upcoming events.

Food Vitals Webinar Series

Doctors For Nutrition’s free ‘Food Vitals’ webinars feature experts presenting on the crucial role of diet in preventing and treating disease. Each interactive session provides the opportunity to learn from our speakers’ extensive nutrition knowledge and clinical experience. Register for an upcoming webinar and access recordings.

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Food Vitals Webinar Series

Online courses

When your schedule is demanding, online learning provides a flexible and convenient way to build your whole food plant-based nutrition knowledge. Explore this scientifically proven way to optimise life, prevent disease, and often improve or even reverse longstanding health conditions, right from the comfort of your own home. If you are a clinician wanting to include nutritional approaches to disease prevention and care, find out what evidence-based online courses are available.

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Online courses

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