For practitioners - (this)

This is the main practitioner guide landing page, to be housed under 'Start here' via a button saying "For practitioners" as noted above.

  • Short version that will be used in the pdf/print guide set as redirect:

  • Bitly version if we want... TBC

  • QR code if we want... TBC

Content of this page:

  • Downloads:

  1. download the guide 

  2. download the poster

  3. download the patient handout 

  4. download the 4leaf survey (later might do a version that you fill in)


*** TBC how we do the pdf downloads

  • Popup asking for their email address (so we can to retarget them with a survey) 

  • Further Sub-URLs  (***Note: these won't show as subpages as our website only allows ONE layer of subpages and url 1 is already a subpage of Learn)

  1. references subpage: full version (new: set up as hidden page); short version can be created as a redirect but no need as not in guide.

  2. evaluation form subpage: full version (new: set up as hidden page); short version used in guide set as redirect. 

  3. 1 week challenge subpage: full version (new: set up as hidden page); short version used in guide: set as redirect. 

  4. Practitioner guide FAQs - part of a new overall FAQ page: (new: set up as hidden page). Button 'for practitioners' takes them to the practitioner FAQs. They'll be able to see the ones for everyone too.

  • Order forms:

  1. order a hard copy 'test kit' with poster, patient guide, surveys

  2. order a larger amount [suggested donation to cover] TBC

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