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Wellington health professionals ready to transform health through nutrition

DFN’s Hannah O’Malley (BPharm) and GP Dr Luke Wilson presented to 50 clinical colleagues at a recent professional workshop, in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand.

2006: A Food Odyssey

A Food Odyssey

Dr Wilson began the presentation by taking attendees on a ‘Food Odyssey’, exploring how human dietary patterns have changed through history, arriving at where we are now, and how we can get to a better place. Dr Wilson then presented the Gisborne BROAD study (of which he was a co-lead), and used a range of evidence to explain the powerful benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Dispensing Lifestyle Medicine

Pharmacist Hannah O’Malley asked the audience, “If you had access to a pill that could significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and bowel cancer, without any side effects, would you recommend it?”. She went on to present on ‘Practical Ways To Dispense Lifestyle Medicine’, where time and again, the evidence has shown that whole food plant-based eating does just that.

Feedback from the event corroborates what we already know: that a lack of nutrition awareness is common in the health profession but that there is a great appetite to fill this knowledge gap. As one attendee put it: “I have really been impacted by the realisation that poor diet and nutrition is the leading cause of so many health conditions. Will certainly be improving my current diet.”

>90% would recommend or highly recommend the workshop to other health professionals

Many members of the audience came away inspired to start incorporating their learning in their personal and professional lives. “I am going to use this info starting NOW – in my own lifestyle and then when I’ve learnt more, will share with others.” Several have committed to undertaking further professional development in nutrition as a result, with one calling the workshop “truly life changing”.

Handouts, references and further resources

Links to further educational resources are provided on our website here.

Please also browse our information on the impact of nutrition on many common health conditions and stay tuned for further resources and guidance that are in the pipeline.

We are always open to delivering similar workshops to health professionals around New Zealand and Australia. Enquire here.

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