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Helpful websites

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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (USA)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a US non-profit led by DFN International Advisor Dr Neal Barnard with his team of nutrition and preventive medicine experts and researchers. Their site contains a wealth of resources for healthcare practitioners and the public. This includes the Nutrition Guide For Clinicians, you’ll be able to quickly answer questions on nutrition for disease prevention and treatment including best practices for discussing dietary changes with patients. (USA)

Run by Dr Michael Greger, the website presents the results of peer-reviewed research on an ever-expanding range of health and nutrition topics. With videos, transcripts, blog posts, downloads and an accompanying podcast, Dr Greger provides a vast library of referenced information in a way that is easy to understand for healthcare professionals and laypeople alike.

Plant-based Health Professionals UK

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK is a non-profit led by DFN International Advisor Dr Shireen Kassam dedicated to the promotion of plant-based nutrition and other lifestyle interventions for optimal health and well-being. In addition, to practicing conventional medicine, Plant-Based Health Professionals UK are passionate about promoting health and well-being through lifestyle interventions, including plant-based nutrition, physical exercise and stress management.

Plant Based Health Australia logo

Plant Based Health Australia (AU)

Plant Based Health Australia is run by Dr Malcolm Mackay and nutritionist Jenny Cameron, both of whom DFN are proud to have on our Advisory Council. Their website provides links to evidence-based information and practical advice on whole food plant-based diets for health, with an Australian focus.

Plantrician Project Logo

The Plantrician Project (USA)

The Plantrician Project is a US non-profit working to educate, equip and empower physicians and healthcare practitioners with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of plant-based nutrition. Co-founded by DFN International Advisory Council member Dr Scott Stoll, they focus on upskilling healthcare professionals with resources to inform and inspire their patients to shift from the Western industrialised diet to a life-changing, whole-food, plant-based way of living.

PAN International Logo

Physicians Association for Nutrition (International)

The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) International is a charity headquartered in Germany that aims to raise awareness among health professionals, the general public and policymakers about the role of whole food plant-based nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease.

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