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Shopping suggestions

Filling your fridge and cupboards with the essentials is where it all begins!

Download our dietitian-approved shopping list. This handy printable guide fits neatly onto one A4 sheet, and will get you set with all the staples you need for delicious whole food plant-based home cooking.

With thanks to Deeni Betar-Young, APD.

Plant-powered shopping ideas

Downloadable WFPB shopping list. Simply right click the image above and save to print! Or download a PDF here.

Shopping tips and tricks

Stick to the outside
Have you ever noticed the layout of a grocery store? Most of the fresh produce is located around the perimeter. Avoid the middle aisles as much as possible because it is in these aisles all the junk sits on display in brightly coloured packets. Out of sight, out of mind, out of the trolley, and therefore out of your pantry at home.

Avoid peak hour
If you can swing it, go at a quiet time. If you shop at your store’s busiest times it means more people and longer lines, which consequently means you spend more time standing in front of the junk products near the checkouts.

Don’t shop hungry
Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, else the pack of chips you usually walk past with no problem will be loudly screaming your name, and those sweet-smelling bakery snacks will be all the more inviting.

Go local
If you have the option to bypass the grocery store and get your produce directly from a farmer or local market do so. Not only will you be getting fresh, seasonal produce you will be supporting local business and staying away from temptation. There are often great bargains to be had near closing time, too!

With thanks to Emma Strutt, APD.

Plant Based Foods

Now your shopping list is sorted, it’s time to get your recipes sorted for the week. Having a list with you will avert those impulse purchases and ensure you have the right ingredients on hand at home, making it much easier to follow through on your good intentions.

Browse through our dietitian designed recipe collection: easy, delicious and accessible for all, from the beginner to the seasoned cook.