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Most healthcare professionals lack nutrition education, and medical students are still not being taught enough. Others who are aware of the benefits of plant-based nutrition are not equipped with the tools to help their patients implement this way of eating. Doctors For Nutrition is working to address these issues.



Doctors For Nutrition advocates to stakeholders across the healthcare sector from government to key peak bodies, to highlight the powerful evidence in favour of whole food plant-based nutrition to prevent, alleviate and even reverse disease.
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Misinformation abounds about healthy eating patterns, leaving people confused and sometimes even dangerously misled. The current healthcare model emphasises pills and procedures over lifestyle interventions: patients are thus left without guidance on life-changing dietary approaches. Doctors For Nutrition empowers the community.

Change looks like

Michael Sykes and Tiger
Michael, Donor, Queensland

I support DFN because they empower people to use nutrition to avoid and prevent disease. DFN also educate health care providers on the lifesaving benefits of a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Michael, Donor, Queensland
Hollie Waters APD
Hollie Waters, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Perth

Supporting others to make sense of this ever-changing, and often conflicting, food environment, and to realise that following a whole food plant-based diet doesn't need to be complicated, expensive, or restrictive, is what gives me purpose. Doctors For Nutrition is a group of like-minded professionals, all striving for that very same purpose.

Hollie Waters, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Perth
Elaine McKenzie
Dr Elaine McLaren, GP, ACT

I have been practicing medicine for 40 years. I only came across all the evidence for the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition this year thanks to DFN. I have completely changed my diet and dropped my cholesterol back into the normal range. I feel amazing. I now promote WFPB nutrition to all my patients, it is now my number one lifestyle prescription.

Dr Elaine McLaren, GP, ACT
Dr Adrian Griscti
Dr Adrian Griscti, GP, Adelaide

I believe that one should lead by example. Since changing to a whole food plant based diet and increasing my exercise level, my blood cholesterol level has fallen by over 40% and I feel more vibrant and energetic.

Dr Adrian Griscti, GP, Adelaide
Dr Cox - GP
Dr Nicoli Cox, General Practitioner, Western Australia

I have always tried to discuss nutrition with patients in the past, but despite knowing the benefits and eating plant-based myself I haven’t felt very confident. Now that I have some useful tools and techniques on how to broach the subject with patients I feel that I will be able to make a real change in the health of my patients.

Dr Nicoli Cox, General Practitioner, Western Australia
Sean Rowe
Sean, brain trauma survivor, Adelaide

After a life-changing motor vehicle accident and a long rehabilitation period, I wanted to care for my brain health as much as I could. After a chance encounter with a plant-based trainer I discovered whole food plant-based. My body responded instantly and I have never looked back.

Sean, brain trauma survivor, Adelaide
Anni Turnbull
Anni, Supporter, Victoria

More than 10 years ago I suffered from a cardiovascular health scare. After discovering the power of whole food plant-based nutrition I am proud to say I have turned my health around. I live a healthy, active life...recently supporting DFN on their charity walk in the Northern Territory!

Anni, Supporter, Victoria
Chau Tran
Dr Chau Tran, Endocrinologist, Sydney

At all stages of the human lifespan, every incremental shift towards a diversified whole food plant-based diet is associated with incremental gains in longevity and vitality, and reductions in the burden of chronic disease and premature death.

Dr Chau Tran, Endocrinologist, Sydney
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The facts


As much as 88% of health loss can be attributed to non-communicable diseases, many are preventable through diet

A plant-based eating pattern can help prevent and manage 4 of the top 5 causes of death in Australia and New Zealand


Medical students may only receive 20hrs of nutrition education throughout their whole training

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