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Team biographies


Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema

Co-Founder & Chair of Board

Dr Heleen Roex is a paediatrician (non practising), educated in the Netherlands (Doctor of Medicine, Cum Laude, University of Utrecht; Medical Specialist, Paediatrician, Free University Amsterdam). She holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell University and has qualified as a Food For Life instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington DC. She conducts community courses in her hometown of Adelaide in this capacity.


Heleen has co-organised, presented at and attended numerous Australian, North American and European plant-based nutrition conferences, symposia, grand rounds and community events. She co-founded Doctors For Nutrition in 2018 with Lucy Stegley, and is chair of the Board of Directors.

Whole food plant-based nutrition is the best nutrition for human health, based on a wealth of research.


Dr Luke Wilson

Board Director & New Zealand Ambassadoc

Dr Luke Wilson is a General Practitioner from Wellington, New Zealand, and is Board Certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition to his medical degree (MBChB, Otago University), Luke holds a bachelors and a masters in psychology. In his final year of medical school, Luke studied and worked in Santa Rosa, California, as an intern for Dr John McDougall at the McDougall Health and Medical Center and also alongside Dr Michael Klaper and Dr Alan Goldhamer at the True North Health Center. After graduation, he worked at Gisborne Hospital and subsequently was co-lead researcher and creator of a community-based lifestyle intervention using whole foods plant-based nutrition.


Luke founded Two Zesty Bananas with colleague Dr Matthew Hobbs in 2014. Since then he has co-authored The 21st Century Food Course, completed the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, worked part-time as a general practitioner, and spoken at events in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. He has experience helping hundreds of people transform their lives by adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle, particularly through his work on the BROAD Study.

A plant-based way of eating can be so powerful for people's health - not just in the long term but in the short term as well. This is actually the best thing you can do for your health. 


Sheree Sellick

Board Director

Sheree has over 40 years’ experience owning and managing a number of retail, manufacturing and investment businesses, the last 25 years in architecture and property development and management. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the University of South Australia and is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Since 1980, Sheree has assisted a number of charities and non-profit organisations in a variety of roles including Board President and Finance Audit and Risk. Sheree is a founding board member and non-executive director of Doctors For Nutrition, assisting with governance, strategy, finance and risk.

In a world of noise around fad diets and lifestyle hacks, there’s never been a greater need for clear advocacy about evidence-based nutrition solutions for the prevention and treatment of disease.


Marion Meloni

General Manager

Marion has over twelve years of experience in internal and external people and change management consulting roles. She has worked with multiple organisations across the public and private sectors in Australia and internationally, including within the healthcare industry. Marion has followed a whole food plant-based lifestyle since discovering its powerful health benefits for herself several years ago and is committed to bringing the compelling evidence to the healthcare sector, policy makers and society at large, as a powerful opportunity to enhance population health and transform lives. Her degrees include a Master of Business from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Business and Languages. She also holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through eCornell University.

Equipping individuals, practitioners and policy-makers with evidence-based nutritional knowledge will positively impact health outcomes now and for generations to come.


Terry Natsia

Board Director and Company Secretary

Terry has over 25 years' experience working in large and complex legal, insurance and government environments. During his career, he has held senior leadership roles mitigating the impact and severity of disputes through methods of alternative dispute resolution, litigation and more, as well as in proactively managing enterprise risk and in developing partnerships with key corporate stakeholders. 


As a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and Law Society of NSW, Terry has supported a number of Boards to achieve best practice governance frameworks, assisted them in exceeding stakeholder expectations and corporate objectives, and provided strategic advice. Terry brings this wealth of experience to DFN, together with a keen alignment with the charity's mission.

Doctors For Nutrition has an empowering and hopeful message for healthcare practitioners, policy-makers and the wider community, based on solid and consistent evidence. 


Sarah Warner

People, Stakeholder Engagement and Finance Lead

Sarah is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with a degree in Business and Commerce from Monash University. She has worked within the not-for-profit sector since 2016, covering a range of roles within finance, business operations, people & culture and strategic development. Additionally, she has 5 years experience working within tax and business services. Passionate about plant-based nutrition, Sarah initially joined the DFN team as a volunteer from inception and developed her role to a part-time position - covering DFN's finance, people and stakeholder engagement needs as well as providing strategic support.

Plant-based nutrition offers a fantastic opportunity to help prevent, manage and treat many of our most pressing chronic diseases.


Catherine Laurence

Communications Lead

Cathy (BA, PGDip, MSc) has a range of experience working and volunteering for non-profit organisations advocating for sustainability and plant-based diets. This included a central role running an annual month-long Plant-Based Pledge program in her native UK from 2010-2013, with 'before' and 'after' health assessments and detailed nutrition information provided by qualified health professionals. After moving to Brisbane in 2013, Cathy specialised in marketing and communications, including four years within the burgeoning healthfood sector. Her pro bono work also led her to co-host a number of events aimed at growing awareness and uptake of whole food plant-based diets.

The evidence supporting whole food plant-based diets is compelling and continuing to grow. We are working hard to mainstream this life-changing knowledge in our region. 


Hannah O'Malley

 Events & Education Lead

Hannah is a clinical pharmacist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (ASLM) based in Nelson. In addition to her pharmacy qualifications (BPharm, PG Cert Clinical Pharmacy), Hannah also has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from e-Cornell and founded The Better Base in 2018 to provide tools and support to help more people eat plant-based foods. She is passionate about raising awareness of the health and environmental benefits of plant-based nutrition and the need to promote lifestyle as a first line treatment, before or alongside medicines. Hannah started with DFN as a volunteer on our Advisory Council before taking up a part time staff role working on resource creation and outreach.

Eating plant-based food is the best daily decision we can make to future-proof our quality of life and our planet.


Dr Libby Forsyth

Medical Schools Outreach Program Lead

Libby is a practising medical doctor with a previous  undergraduate degree in Psychology, and an initial career in marketing. After completing her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2016, her clinical practice was within the areas of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and General Medicine. In 2020, Libby began devoting her focus to advocating the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition for managing and preventing chronic disease. She is also a strong advocate for the social and mental health benefits of sustainable living. She volunteers at a local farm, loves growing her own veggies and is passionate about supporting local community events, indigenous cultural groups and activities. 

Evidence-based nutrition interventions are a powerful, cost-effective ally against the rising tide of chronic, preventable disease. It is time for these to be embedded into mainstream medical practice

Alicia Temple

Media Lead

Alicia has worked in the communications field for over 15 years, spending time in advertising agency account management, marketing, communications and media. After completing her Bachelor of Marketing she worked across a broad range of brands such as Suncorp, Virgin Australia, Tourism Queensland and Fairfax. In 2020, she turned her attention to her passion for health, working at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and commencing a Bachelor of Nutrition. Alicia also holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through eCornell University. Her role at DFN focuses on advancing our advocacy efforts via traditional and social media. 

I am passionate about empowering people to reclaim their health destiny through a healthy plant-based dietary lifestyle.


Dr Stephanie Dakin

Australian Capital

Territory Ambassadoc

Dr Stephanie Dakin is a general practitioner from Canberra who also has undergraduate qualifications in nutrition. Stephanie was inspired to study medicine after learning just how effective a plant-based diet can be for preventing and treating so many common diseases. Stephanie also witnessed this healing first hand when she spent a month’s elective in her final year of medicine with plant-based physician Dr John McDougall in California. In her practice as a GP, Stephanie provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice to her patients, with a whole food plant-based dietary approach as a cornerstone of her clinical work.

I recommend a whole food plant-based diet to patients – it is effective for preventing and treating so many common diseases.


Dr Gavin Levy

New South Wales Ambassadoc

Dr Gavin Levy is working as a resident medical officer in Sydney and is pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Prior to undertaking medicine, he practiced as a physiotherapist and played tennis at an international level. During medical school, Gavin developed a strong interest in plant-based nutrition and began researching extensively into the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet in both the prevention and reversal of disease. Having encountered a huge array of preventable diseases in his work, Gavin is passionate about educating others on the importance of plant-based nutrition in achieving optimal health outcomes. 

A whole food plant-based diet is associated with tremendous health benefits. Give it a try, you won’t look back.


Dr Chau Tran

New South Wales Ambassadoc

Dr Chau Tran is a Consultant Endocrinologist and Physician based in Sydney, where he divides his time between working as a public hospital Staff Specialist, and consulting in community private practice. After graduating from Medical School with Honours (University of New South Wales), Chau undertook Specialist Physician Training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, followed by Advanced Training in Endocrinology at St Vincent’s Hospital, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Concord Repatriation General Hospital and Westmead Hospital. He was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Adult Medicine – Endocrinology), and a Diploma in Child Health through the University of Sydney & the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Chau made the transition to a wholefood plant-based lifestyle in 2009 during medical school, after learning about its utility in the prevention, management and reversal of many of our leading chronic diseases. He is passionate about public health and preventative medicine, and hopes to empower his patients, colleagues and the wider community with knowledge regarding the healthful benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition.

At all stages of the human lifespan, every incremental shift towards a diversified whole food plant-based diet is associated with incremental gains in longevity and vitality, and reductions in the burden of chronic disease and premature death.


Dr Adrian Griscti

South Australia 


Dr Adrian Griscti has been a rural GP for over 33 years and has practised the full gamut of procedural tasks including Obstetrics and Anaesthetics. In 2013, he was introduced to the health benefits of a plant based diet by his wife Jenny insisting that he must read The China Study. Subsequently, in 2014 Adrian completed the Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through eCornell University. In 2018, he obtained his Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Adrian is now known as “the vegan doctor” and his own blood work is exemplary of improved health – with a drop of over 40% in his total cholesterol. A large part of his practice is counselling and educating patients on the health benefits of not only a whole food plant based diet but also a healthy lifestyle in general. Many young patients have been known to enjoy the fruit that just happens to be left lying around on his desk! Adrian is also involved in teaching medical students from both Adelaide and Flinders University. 

I believe that one should lead by example. Since changing to a whole food plant based diet and increasing my exercise level, my blood cholesterol level has fallen by over 40% and I feel more vibrant and energetic.


Dr Andrew Little



Dr Andrew Little works as an Anaesthetic Registrar at the Tweed Base Hospital. Whilst he devotes the majority of his day putting people to sleep for surgery, he spends the rest of his time trying to awaken people to the benefits of a plant-based diet. Andrew's interest in nutrition came about after meeting his wife, who challenged his existing views. This led to an insatiable hunger for more information regarding a whole food plant-based diet. Being constantly frustrated by the ever increasing burden of preventable chronic illness, Andrew's passion for plants reached new heights and he now spends a majority of his days educating people about the importance of a healthy diet.

I am confident the physical design of the human body strongly points towards our ideal diet being heavily plant-based.


Dr Amanda Robinson

Northern Territory


Dr Amanda Robinson is completing her intern year at Royal Darwin Hospital in the Northern Territory and is pursuing a career as a rural generalist. Dr Robinson is a Wiradjuri / Gamillaroi woman who is passionate about Aboriginal health and making a change to the health disparities that exist for Aboriginal Australians. Being exposed to the chronic health issues that are endemic within Indigenous Australian communities, Amanda adopted a whole food plant-based diet as a way to improve her own health and that of her family. She is motivated by the prospect of using food as medicine and the mounting evidence that so many diseases can be prevented and reversed through plant-based nutrition.

I am motivated by the prospect of using food as medicine and the mounting evidence that so many diseases can be prevented and reversed through plant-based nutrition.

Dr Juliette Roex

South Australia Ambassadoc and Lead Student Advisor

Dr Juliette Roex (MBBS, Hons (BMedSc)) is currently in GP training in Adelaide, South Australia after graduating from medical school in 2017. Her view of the ‘health’ care system forever changed when her mother introduced her to the world of whole-food plant-based nutrition in 2010 in her first year of medical school. Ever since, Juliette’s dream has been to empower as many people as possible to adopt a healthier lifestyle, so that they can optimise not only their own wellbeing, but also that of the animals and the planet. In 2017, Juliette’s interests in nutrition and lifestyle medicine led her to complete a rotation at True North in Santa Rosa, California, under the guidance of Dr Alan Goldhamer, Dr Michael Klaper and Dr Doug Lisle. She holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell University and has enjoyed attending and speaking at numerous national and international symposia and conferences, including the Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference.

I cannot think of a single action that has a more profound and ubiquitous impact on your health, as well as that of the planet, than choosing to adopt a whole-food plant-based lifestyle.


Dr Portia D'Anverrs

Tasmania Ambassadoc

Dr Portia D'Anverrs is a Radiology Registrar based in Hobart, Tasmania. Portia is also a fitness instructor (Cert III, studying Cert IV personal training), she has completed an advanced diploma in Sports Nutrition and has competed in powerlifting, bikini (INBA) and sports model competitions (ICN). She is a writer for Oxygen Magazine and has presented multiple medical imaging papers at medical conferences around Australia. Portia is the director of Doctor Vegan Fit Pty Ltd, a health and fitness coaching business, showing people how to incorporate plant-based nutrition and resistance exercise into their busy lives.

I truly believe eating well, moving regularly, feeling like you have a purpose, and surrounding yourself with amazing people is the key to living a happy, healthy life.


Dr Malcolm Mackay

Victoria Ambassadoc and General Practitioner Resources Advisor

Malcolm is a General Practitioner with expertise in plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine for the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic disease. Malcolm’s personal and professional interest in plant-based nutrition began in medical school 35 years ago. He is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and has a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition. Malcolm is a regular attendee of the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conferences in the USA and has engaged with many of the leaders of this field.


Dr Mackay (drmalcolmmackay.com.aupractises in Fitzroy, Melbourne and provides telehealth consultations to patients in other regions of Australia. Malcolm and his partner, Jenny, provide nutrition and lifestyle education through their nutrition website, Facebook page, one day seminars and 6-day immersion retreats in Victoria.

I gradually changed to a low fat, low salt plant-based diet based on foods such as brown rice, oats, vegetables, legumes and fruit. I became a competitive athlete, winning the first ever triathlon in South Australia fuelled by “plant power”.


Dr Alyce Churchill

Western Australia 


Dr Alyce Churchill is a General Practice Registrar in Perth. Before joining general practice she worked at several Western Australian hospitals as a resident medical officer and later as a Psychiatry Registrar. Alyce has been an advocate of plant-based nutrition and preventative medicine since adopting a whole food plant-based diet in 2013. Her catalyst for changing from a vegetarian diet was learning the evidence of a whole food plant-based diet in preventing and reversing so many Western diseases that she encountered every day at work. In 2015, Alyce created and launched the recipe and meal planning app Plant Based Easy to the iPhone store and in 2016 started the Facebook meet-up and education group Plant Powered Perth with Kelsey Brymer and Kamarra Morris. Alyce also holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T.Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University and has twice attended the International Plant Based Nutrition in Healthcare conference in California.

I aim to spread the benefits of plant-based nutrition among colleagues and to help people find wellness through diet and lifestyle.


Emma Strutt APD

Queensland Lead Dietitian

Emma Strutt is an Australian accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist, who earned her Bachelors of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Initially working within the Sunshine Coast Hospital system, Emma now runs a private practice, Greenstuff Nutrition. She has also worked as a Research Assistant at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Emma is a Fellow of the Australiasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell University and is a qualified yoga teacher. Having followed a plant-based diet for over a decade, Emma passionately advocates the benefits of plant-based nutrition through her private practice work. She has also developed a wellbeing and education program for her local community. Emma is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Love your gut and it will love you right back!


Joel Craddock APD

New South Wales Lead Dietitian

Joel qualified and worked as a clinical dietitian in an assortment of hospitals across the Illawarra NSW region before deciding to enrol in a doctorate degree exploring vegetarian-based diets and their relationships with immune function and the inflammatory response. He is currently employed by the University of Sydney as a lecturer and researcher with a focus on nutrition, health and physical activity. In 2018, Joel started a private dietetic practice ‘Purely Plants’, which exclusively advocates a plant-based approach to eating. ​

Outside of work and study, Joel has a passion for keeping active and enjoying time with his family. Recently he has turned his athletic focus to competing in Ironman distance triathlons.

Plant-based eating beats fad diets every time for achieving holistic sustainable lifelong health. 

Deeni Betar-Young APD

South Australia Lead Dietitian

Deeni is a dietitian and nutritionist, educated at Flinders University. She works in private practice, providing consultations to people in Adelaide and around the world via Skype. One of her main areas of endeavour is in helping people transition to and maintain plant-based diets, particularly to prevent, manage and treat chronic conditions. Deeni also specialises in gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerances, and uses behaviour change counselling to motivate people to overcome their personal health challenges. Deeni personally adopted a plant-based diet in 2013. This was motivated by numerous factors and she feels it is the single best lifestyle change she's ever made. Continually amazed by the incredible results her patients have achieved from moving towards more healthy plant-based diets is a big part of what fuels Deeni to continue being a passionate advocate for this way of eating. 

I love helping people use the power of plant-based nutrition to promote, sustain and restore their health and wellbeing.


Dr Peter Johnston APD

Victoria Lead Dietitian

Dr Peter Johnston is an accredited practising dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and a PhD in Human Genetics. Peter is also a fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and has completed health coaching training with Well Start Health. He has been exclusively plant-based since 1991 after learning of the health, environmental and ethical benefits. Peter runs a private practice: Perfect Human Food Consulting, offering individual consultations, public speaking, webinars, workplace health programs, and residential reboot programs. He has expertise in the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic diseases through the use of whole food plant-based diets and the holistic approach of lifestyle medicine. He enjoys empowering people across all life stages to attain optimal health. Peter has enjoyed attending and speaking at numerous national and international conferences. He has a special interest in the links between food and environment and has also run university lectures in this area.

As health professionals, we owe it to our patients to empower them with lifestyle approaches that are a proven pathway to good health, with a whole food plant-based diet front and centre.


Jenny Cameron Dip Hum Nut

Victoria Nutritionist and Lead Research Advisor

Jenny is a nutritionist, librarian consultant and trainer. With her partner Dr Malcolm Mackay, they have created numerous nutritional health related resources for the community such as the website Whole Foods Plant Based Health, the Facebook page Plant Based Health Australia and the Facebook group Whole Food Plant Based Aussies. They run seminars and 6-day immersion programs in Victoria and interstate and work collaboratively with other plant-based nutrition practitioners.

The evidence is really strong that eating whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit is healthy for the human body.


Angela Genoni PhD, R.Nutr

Western Australia Lead Nutritionist

Angela is a registered nutritionist with a PhD in Nutrition, completed in 2018. Angela's research examined the long-term effect of low carbohydrates on gut health and the gut microbiota. Her research into low carbohydrate eating patterns is the reason she adopted a whole food plant-based diet, with overwhelming evidence to support diets based purely on plant foods and high in dietary fibre. Angela is also passionate about the sustainability of the global food supply. She believes that diet switches are an easy way we can all support not only our own health, but that of the planet. Angela loves cooking and with three growing boys to feed, this is a job prerequisite. She has recently scaled back on a full-time academic workload to commence consulting work, including part-time scientific research and writing for Doctors For Nutrition. 

Whole food plant-ba‍‍‍sed nutrition is the way forward to addressing the twin challenges of population and planetary ill-health.

Anna deMello MSc

New Zealand Lead Nutritionist (South Island)

Anna qualified as a dietitian in her home country of Canada, before moving to New Zealand, where she became a Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of NZ. While studying for her MSc at McGill University, Anna discovered a whole food plant-based diet through a fellow dietetics student, and went on to supplement her education with a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell. Anna and her partner Jono Drew co-founded the Plant Based Living Initiative to provide educational information on the benefits of plant-based dietary shift for personal and planetary health.

Plant-ba‍‍‍sed living offers triple benefits for personal health, your hip pocket and environmental sustainability: it's a win-win-win.

Fuchsia Goldsmith, NZRD

New Zealand Lead Dietitian (North Island)

Fuchsia Goldsmith is a Nutritionist and Dietitian practising in Auckland, New Zealand. At the University of Auckland, she completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Science and Nutrition before completing a Masters of Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. Fuchsia has published and presented her original research internationally and is involved in teaching dietitians about plant-based nutrition.  

Fuchsia founded Feed Nutrition, a private practice focused on providing one-on-one advice to help people unlock good health and Purelyfuchsia, an Instagram page where she makes plant-based diets easy by sharing nutrition tips and showcasing delicious recipes. She also practices at North Shore Hospital, where she specialises in working with people who have chronic kidney disease. Fuchsia discovered plant-based nutrition over a decade ago and seeing the impact this has had on her health is what set her on the path of pursuing a career in nutrition. What drives Fuchsia is being able to share her passion for plant based nutrition and empower people to make positive changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, to live a happier, healthier life.

We live in a world where what we eat is the main movable factor responsible for ill health. Together, we have the power to change that.  


Dr Kim Allan Williams

International Advisor (USA)

Born and trained in Chicago, Dr Kim Williams was a professional level tennis player and coach before choosing to pursue a cardiology career. Since 2013, he has headed up the cardiology department of Rush University Medical Center. Dr Williams has served on numerous committees and boards at the United States national level, including the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, the American College of Cardiology, the Certifying Board of Nuclear Cardiology, the Certifying Board of Cardiac Computed Tomography, the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, the Association of Black Cardiologists and the Cardiovascular Disease Examination Board of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Among other presidencies throughout his distinguished career, Dr Williams currently serves as the ACC Past President 2016.

Kim is the inaugural Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention (IJDRP), a journal created to document the science of nutrition and lifestyle to prevent, suspend and reverse disease.

I recommend a plant-based diet because I know it’s going to lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity and decrease cholesterol.


Dr Shireen Kassam

International Advisor (UK)

Dr Shireen Kassam (MBBS, FRCPath, PhD, DipIBLM) is a Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of lymphoma. She is also a Visiting-Professor at Winchester University, Hampshire, where she has developed and facilitates the UK's first University-based course on plant-based nutrition.


Shireen is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease and for maintaining optimal health after treatment for cancer. She discovered the power of nutrition in 2013 and since then has been following a whole food plant-based diet. She has immersed herself in the science of nutrition and health, completing the eCornell certification in plant-based nutrition and in 2019 she became certified as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine.


Shireen founded Plant Based Health Professionals UK in 2017. This is a non-profit, membership organisation whose mission is to provide evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Shireen qualified as a medical doctor in 2000, initially training in general medicine and then specialising in Haematology. During her training, she took time out to complete a PhD (University of London, 2011). Her research investigated the role of selenium, an essential micronutrient, in sensitising cancer cells to chemotherapy. She was able to show that supra-nutritional doses of selenium could enhance the action of chemotherapy in the laboratory. Shireen has published a number of peer-reviewed papers in the field of lymphoma.

Diet choices are now the top cause of death and disability globally. Not only is our diet causing ill health, it is a major factor contributing to climate destruction.


Dr Scott Stoll

International Advisor (USA)

Dr Scott Stoll received his medical degree from the University of Colorado. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. For 15 years he chaired the Physical Medicine and Rehab / Spine department at Coordinated Health and served as a team Physician and Lehigh University. Prior to receiving his MD, he was a member of the 1994 Olympic Bobsled team and currently serves as a physician for the US Bobsled and Skeleton team. He is the co-founder of the Plantrician Project, the International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and the Regenerative Health Institute, a unique collaborative project with the Rodale Institute. He serves on the advisory board at Whole Foods for their healthcare clinics and served as a member of the Whole Foods scientific and medical advisory board. He currently serves as the Chairman of the board for the Plantrician Project and chief medical director for the Rouxbe cooking school.


Dr Stoll hosts a very popular one week health immersion several times annually in Florida. In addition to authoring several books, hosting his own daily TV and radio programs, Dr Stoll has appeared on numerous national shows including the Dr Oz show, PBS and documentaries including Eating You Alive, Wait til it's Free, and The Game Changers. Scott resides with his wife and six children in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

We feed people a 100% whole food plant-based diet and we see incredible transformations in just one week.


Dr Neal Barnard

International Advisor (USA)

Dr Neal Barnard is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, and President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Dr Barnard has led numerous research studies investigating the effects of diet on diabetes, body weight, and chronic pain, including a groundbreaking study of dietary interventions in type 2 diabetes, funded by the National Institutes of Health. Dr Barnard has authored more than 80 scientific publications and 20 books for medical and lay readers.

As president of the Physicians Committee, Dr Barnard leads programs advocating for preventive medicine, good nutrition, and higher ethical standards in research. He has hosted four PBS television programs on nutrition and health, and is the editor in chief of the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians, a textbook made available to all U.S. medical students. His research contributed to the acceptance of plant-based diets in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In 2015, he was named a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. In 2016, he founded the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC, as a model for making nutrition a routine part of all medical care.

Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Dr Barnard received his M.D. degree at the George Washington University School of Medicine and completed his residency at the same institution. He practiced at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York before returning to Washington to found the Physicians Committee.

I think we have to do everything that's useful. We're doctors. Our job is to tell the truth. And it doesn't have to be embellished in any way.


Dr Renae Thomas

International Advisor (USA)

Dr Renae Thomas (B-BMed, MBBS hons, MD) first became interested in the power of lifestyle choices before she even started school, while observing her father incorporate health-promoting changes (and heal!) shortly after he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. She continues to have a passion for nutrition, physical activity, social connections and stress reduction, and how these influence disease prevention, often reversal, as well as ongoing maintenance of health. Renae recently migrated from Australia to Loma Linda, California – one of the world's Blue Zones.


Dr Thomas is currently a senior resident in Loma Linda University Health’s Family and Preventive Medicine residency combined program, which includes a Lifestyle Medicine track, and a masters in Public Health (Population Medicine). She completed an internship at True North Health Centre in 2016, is a published co-author on vegetarianism and cancer with lead Adventist Health research Dr Michael Orlich, President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Trainees, on the lifestyle track committee for the American College of Preventive Medicine, a PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) spokesperson, McDougall Starch Solution and Dietary Therapy graduate and a qualified yoga teacher.

Find Renae online at drrenaethomas.com.

My greatest passion is empowering people to optimise their health through improving their lifestyle choices in an evidence-based fashion.

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