New Zealanders flock to learn about Plant-Based Lifestyle

A crowd of over 100 attended the recent Picton Food Frontiers event to learn why The Lancet medical journal and other international groups are calling for a Great Food Transformation towards healthy and sustainable plant-based diets.

Locals packed into the newly opened Picton Library to enjoy nutritious plant-based nibbles, hear from three expert presenters and take part in a panel Q&A. The event was co-hosted by The Better Base and local author, James Wilson.

Dr Luke Wilson, Director of Doctors For Nutrition, was the first speaker. Attendees were guided through ‘A Food Odyssey’; looking at where we are now, how we got here and solutions for transforming health. Dr Wilson stressed that while there is a role for individual efforts, "high level changes are needed, regionally and nationally."

Sustainability was the next topic of the night with Dr Mike Joy, Victoria University ecologist, presenting on the Future of Food. Dr Joy described the immense ecological challenges faced in New Zealand and explained that what we eat has a huge impact on the environment. His message was clear: a significant shift towards production of plant-based food is needed.

Picton author James Wilson was the final speaker, discussing how he adopted a whole food plant-based diet in his sixties for health reasons and never looked back. His recent book, Plant Paradigm, discusses the rationale for eating plants and provides answers to many commonly asked questions.

Food Frontiers presenters
From left to right: Dr Mike Joy, Hannah O'Malley, James Wilson and Dr Luke Wilson

The event MC, Doctors For Nutrition Advisory Council member and pharmacist Hannah O’Malley, then facilitated a panel discussion.

The audience called for similar events to be held all around New Zealand to raise awareness of the importance of healthy, sustainable plant-based diets.


Dr Shireen Kassam - founder of Plant Based Health Professionals UK, and Doctors for Nutrition International Advisor

More about the author

Hannah O' Malley (BPharm) is Doctors For Nutrition's NZ Events & Outreach Advisor.

Read her full bio here.

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