Tools for health professionals  

Doctors For Nutrition have designed a range of educational and practical resources with input from medical experts and dietitians. If you are a clinician wanting to include nutritional approaches to disease prevention and care, the guide and accompanying resources are for you!

Dr Griscti with patient giving a plant-b
  • Do you want to optimise your ability to help patients avoid chronic diseases, manage them more effectively, and even reverse them altogether?

  • Are you unsure about the best nutritional advice to give? 

  • Do you want to access evidence-based guidance on healthy, sustainable eating patterns?

If so, Plant-based nutrition and health: A guide for health professionals is for you. In just 10 minutes, you’ll be informed about what a whole food plant-based eating pattern is and the range of positive outcomes that are typically experienced by those who adopt it. 

Access the guide and supporting materials

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A 12-page introductory guide designed to assist healthcare professionals in better understanding whole food plant-based nutrition and its health benefits, and in having discussions with patients about their health and diet. Order your free hard copy A5 booklet below or download the pdf now. 

Ships AU and NZ-wide

Cost: Free

This kit contains a copy of the Plant-based nutrition and health guide and one of each of the supporting resources.


  • Plant-based nutrition and health: A guide for health professionals - 12-page guide x 1

  • 'Let's talk about food' - A2 poster x 1

  • 4Leaf dietary-assessment survey - x 1

  • 'Going Plant-Based' patient handout - x 1

  • Shopping ideas patient handout - x 1

Ideal for individual clinicians, this kit can be ordered for delivery by post or downloaded as a composite pdf. 

Ships AU and NZ-wide

Cost: Free

This hard-copy kit is ideal for healthcare practices with up to 10 clinicians, containing multiple copies of the Plant-based nutrition and health guide, 4Leaf dietary survey, patient handouts and clinic poster. All professionally printed using eco-friendly inks and recycled paper stock.


  • Plant-based nutrition and health: A guide for health professionals (12 page colour A5 guide) x 8

  • Let’s talk about food clinic poster (A2 colour poster) x 2

  • 4Leaf diet assessment survey (double sided A4 colour sheet) x 10

  • Going plant based patient handout (double sided A4 colour sheet) x 10

  • Shopping list (double sided A5 colour sheet) x 10

Ships AU and NZ-wide

Cost: $60 including p+p

Package Delivery

Putting it into practice

Below are some recommended steps to get the most out of the guide and supporting resources:

  1. Set aside 15 minutes to read the guide and explore the supporting materials available via the links below. 

  2. Put up our colourful ‘Let’s talk about food’ poster in your waiting area or consultation room to encourage conversations about the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition.

  3. Print out several copies of the 4Leaf Survey, Patient Handout and Shopping List to share with patients. If practical, have copies of the survey available at reception for patients to fill in while they wait for their appointment.

  4. Pledge to take the next step towards a whole food plant-based eating pattern yourself by taking the DFN #PlantPledge.

  5. Attend one of our upcoming educational 'Food Vitals' webinars to learn more about plant-based nutrition in practice.

Find all the links and more below.



'Let's talk about food' clinic poster
4Leaf dietary assessment survey
Patient handout
'Going plant based' patient handout
A4 2-up Shopping ideas handout FINAL FOR
Dietitian-designed shopping ideas handout
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Further online resources

FAQ keyboard
Drill into the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of WFPB nutrition
Delicious, nutritious recipes for plant-based success
Pledge to take the next step to upgrade your diet!
Heart bowl of veg with stethoscope and c
Access the 'Food Vitals' webinar series
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URL for patients

Point patients to our Going plant-based url:


This page includes the link to our downloadable introduction to Going plant based along with a selection of supporting resources and links.


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