Refund policy


​Doctors For Nutrition expects that anyone wishing to donate consider their decision carefully and check donation amounts before proceeding. If an error is made in making a donation, please email your refund request to us within 30 days of the transaction, and include the details of the transaction (including date and time of the donation, donor’s name, donation amount) and the nature of the error. Doctors For Nutrition will examine all requests for refund, however we are under no obligation to give refunds and the decision will be at Doctors For Nutrition’s discretion. If your refund is approved, your original tax receipt becomes void and a new receipt will be issued (where applicable). Your original tax receipt should then be securely destroyed. Any bank fees, transaction charges or processing fees may be deducted from the refunded amount.


Refer to our Event terms and conditions for details about our event refund procedure.

​Store and merchandise

If you are not satisfied with the product bought from Doctors For Nutrition, please submit your request to us (including date and time of the purchase, name, amount, item bought) and we will exchange or refund you.