This page aims to provide resources about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic including links to official information and guidance, commentary and resources about the role of nutrition in the response to the pandemic, and updates about how we are adapting our operations.


The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its resulting disease, COVID-19 emerged in late 2019 and by March 2020 had spread to 6 continents, touching almost every country on the globe. The pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge for our times, as the impacts of the virus itself and the resulting socio-economic disruptions are felt around the world.


Doctors For Nutrition extends compassion to all those who are affected both directly and indirectly by the wide-reaching impacts of the pandemic, and stands in solidarity with our healthcare colleagues both in our region and beyond.

We have put together this page to provide quick links to the latest official updatesoutline our response, and provide a selection of nutrition-related resources.


This page will be reviewed and kept updated regularly. As always, we’ll also be communicating via social media and email. Please do stay connected with us through these channels. 

Official information and updates

The following links are our recommended sources for authoritative information about COVID-19. 

For everyone

For health professionals







DFN's response

Our position

From the earliest days of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen that chronic diet-related conditions such as insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor immune function and chronic inflammation are all risk factors for the most serious outcomes of infection. 

With our focus on bringing food back to healthcare, we are working as hard as ever to elevate the importance of healthy lifestyle approaches, and plant-based diets in particular, as a proven means to address these conditions. This includes advocating for a healthy recovery that positions nutrition as a central pillar of our public health response, as well as continuing to empower healthcare practitioners and individuals with the evidence on the efficacy of a whole food plant-based dietary lifestyle.

Please see further resources on nutrition and COVID-19 below, both from the DFN team and curated from other experts and commentators.

Our daily operations


As our charity staff members are a small dispersed team working remotely, our day-to-day operations are continuing as normal without any major disruptions to our projects and services, except in relation to in-person meetings and events, which are being kept under careful review and moved to a virtual environment, or rescheduled as necessary.

Nutrition in Healthcare Conference

In light of foreseeable disruptions to travel and the numerous medical conferences being rescheduled to 2021, we have postponed the next Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference to 18-20 February 2022. 


Resources on nutrition and COVID-19

From the DFN team​​

External resources

Note, if you missed the 2020 Food Revolution Summit, which included talks on nutrition and COVID-19 by Dr Michael Klaper, Dr David Katz and Dr Matt McCarthy, you can access the talks free on demand here.


How to Survive a Pandemic book

  • How to Survive a Pandemic by Michael Greger, M.D., FACLMA, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die, available as a book, e-book and audiobook.

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